Friday, January 16, 2009

My poor baby....

My poor puppy went in for his yearly vet check this morning and came out later this afternoon with 26 stitches - a lump had appeared on his leg just before Christmas and when I had the vet check it out they were a little worried that the cells in the growth weren't normal. On top of that poor Erkle had a few other little cysts that the vet recommended removing - so they put him under, removed 3 growths, cleaned his teeth and he is looking a very sorry for himself at the moment and is reaping in the sympathy and treats!

He has 10 days of recuperation before I take out all his stitches until then he is looking a little like an unfinished patchwork cushion.....poor baby!


  1. Erckle you poor thing!! You better go saty at Auntie Devanas for some spoiling.....

  2. Awww poor sausage! Hope he recovers very soon and his fur grows back quickly.


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